November 2014


Almost every day I get a call… or an email… or talk with a family member, friend, or acquaintance regarding some issue about cooking.  Although there are many cooks and chefs out there and everything seems to be about food…there are many that don’t have basic knowledge of cooking or just need to refine cooking skills.


This is your invitation to join me…in my personal kitchen…for private instruction…with a custom class or workshop…for you and your friends.  You will learn to prepare the food in a hands-on class and then enjoy the food you have prepared right at my table.


This will not be a class where you listen and watch while someone else prepares the food…or a class where you learn to prepare just one or two recipes and nothing else…or a class that you would have to share with large groups with minimal hands-on experience and teaching.


These classes will be custom designed to suit your needs…where you will learn many tips and tricks that will be useful in any kitchen endeavor…in a very private setting with as much attention as it takes for you learn and feel comfortable in your own kitchen.  They can be a small group if you would like a few friends to share your class or they can be one-on-one.


These classes would also be a fun date night, a special gift for a new bride, a party for bridesmaids or a kitchen shower, or a fun activity for kids during the summer or weekend.  The possibilities are endless…just tell me what you want and together we will customize a class or workshop to fit your needs and schedule.

Some ideas for you to consider would be:


Basic Cooking Skills

A two day hands-on workshop for the beginner cook.  Learn to stock your pantry, essential cooking tools, kitchen basics, and methods of cooking.  We will prepare versatile sauces, pasta and rice, sautéed vegetables, grilled and roasted meats, salad dressings, baked breads, and desserts.  You will learn techniques for preparing several different meals and leave confident to make your own kitchen the heart of your home! 

$350 per person                                           12 hours

Healthy and Quick Cooking

Learn the basics of healthy eating with this hands-on class.  While cooking quick, easy, and nutritious meals learn to read labels and shop for wholesome and nourishing foods.

$100 per person                                           3 hours


Cooking for Kids

Designed for kids who want to learn to cook…let me take the time to teach your kids their way around the kitchen.  They will learn safety rules in the kitchen and how to prepare some basic foods that are kid-friendly while also being healthy!  This hands-on class will be fun for the kids while they learn to make their own pizza, hamburgers and healthy fries, spaghetti with salad and garlic bread, cookies and Brownies.

$150 per person                                           4 hours

All classes and workshops can be booked at your convenience including evenings and weekends and each class may consist of 2-4 persons.

Personal one-on-one instruction   $75 per hour

Click here to schedule classes.

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Cooking Classes
Cooking Classes

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