November 2014

Welcome to Leah's Kitchen where you can try delicious recipes, register for a cooking class, or ask a cooking question. Check back often as there will be new things going on and more information every week.

Schedule a hands-on cooking class or workshop for you and your friends...or for your kids.... for a fun time of cooking and eating in Leah's Kitchen!


Do you have a cooking question or just need a little help in the kitchen...just click on the photo and ask me!


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Cooking Classes
Cooking Classes

Come visit Leah's Kitchen to register for cooking classes and delicious recipes!

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Life with JR

The man of my (disturbing) dreams can fix anything with duct tape and a tie wrap! He's obsessive compulsive with a "triple AAA" personality. When he's not ordering me around or throwing a "hissy fit" he's prone to bouts of vacuuming and mowing. Just click on the photo for a complete list of posts to read about his latest antics!

The Saga of Mother and Daddy

The story of my mother and daddy and my continuing adventures as a caretaker.

Ask Leah
Ask Leah

Have a cooking or recipe question? Just give me a click...I would love to hear from you!

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