November 2014


I’m Leah and welcome to my website!

My home is in North Texas where I live out in the country with my Basset Hound, Brisket, and my chickens. My three adult children live nearby with my four darling granddaughters and one precious grandson.

While cooking and gardening are favorite activities, the reality of my life is being a caretaker for my husband and my mom who both have serious health issues. My husband, JR, has cardiovascular disease with many other problems from severe congestive heart failure. My mom came to live with us over 2 years ago and she has Alzheimer’s disease.

My kitchen is the heart of our home where I love to cook for family and friends. We have a huge vegetable garden every year and I enjoy gardening with flowers and native plants. Photography is very interesting to me and most of the photos you see here are taken with my beloved Nikon.

I’m also a licensed Realtor working throughout the North Texas area and assisting my Broker with his company. I sell homes and properties in all price ranges and would love the opportunity to help you with buying or selling any type of real estate.

Please don’t hesitate to email or contact me if you have any questions or need any information. I love to visit with all my friends and family and making new friends… so I would enjoy hearing from you!


You may contact me here or email me at

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon…I look forward to hearing from you!

Love to you all…


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Cooking Classes
Cooking Classes

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Life with JR

The man of my (disturbing) dreams can fix anything with duct tape and a tie wrap! He's obsessive compulsive with a "triple AAA" personality. When he's not ordering me around or throwing a "hissy fit" he's prone to bouts of vacuuming and mowing. Just click on the photo for a complete list of posts to read about his latest antics!

The Saga of Mother and Daddy

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Ask Leah
Ask Leah

Have a cooking or recipe question? Just give me a click...I would love to hear from you!

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