November 2014


I have a big project in the planning stages.  I have wanted chickens…yes…chickens for years…many… many years.  Both my grandmothers had chickens and I always really liked them.  They are very entertaining but most of all I want to have fresh organic eggs!

Kent (the father of my children) has agreed to help me build my coop.  JR, on the other hand, is being difficult.  I know my little grandkids…those 4 darling little girls and my first little grandson…would have so much fun with chickens!


So, what to do?  Kent and JR are great friends and I can’t for the life of me understand why he is being so obstinate about having chickens.  It’s not like he would have to take care or clean up after them and he loves nothing more than his 3 eggs over easy!



Shelby is so excited and has already picked out at least 75 names for our chickens.  The other day we were at Sam’s and she wanted a magazine.  I thought they might have a kids magazine but we didn’t see one so I bought her a chicken magazine…she loves it!  She has spent many hours selecting the chickens she wants to raise and showing JR the photos.


We went to a birthday party the other day and our friends have several chickens.  I was able to get a few photos by crawling around the shrubs and softly clucking to them…thank goodness no one was outside to witness the lengths I will go to get a good shot!



The construction will begin soon….even if I have to do it myself.  I would think that JR would much rather Kent to help me…I will keep you up to date with the progress!



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