November 2014


A fun delivery was made to my house this afternoon from Rain Drop Farms!  A box of beautiful heirloom tomatoes sent from my longtime childhood friend, Kent Pirkle.

Kent has grown heirloom tomatoes for years and supplied many famous chefs, restaurants, and specialty grocery stores with his prized crops.  Kent and I were messaging on Facebook last night and he offered to send me a sampling of his tomatoes.  All day I spent at home eagerly awaiting my delivery!

Kent and I were classmates in Comanche for years and during high school we ate lunch together from our sophomore through our senior years.  Never have I had such fun!  Our group included, Patti McKinzie, Robert Cobb, Kent and me who went to lunch every school day.  At the beginning of our senior year,  Steve Lauff,  joined our group when he moved back to Comanche.  Often other friends would join us, Cy Baxter, Tony Harris, Julie Pinkerton, Rusty Brightman, and Max Parker.  The fun didn’t stop at lunch because we were together after school, on the weekends, and during the summers.

It didn’t matter who was along for lunch or any other time we always had fun!  There was an abundance of laughing and joking around during any occasion.  Kent was always the ring leader with his wit and sarcastic humor. Although he loved to tease and found hilarity in every situation behind his vibrant personality was a heart of gold.  I can truthfully say he ranks right up there as a favorite friend.  You always knew you were going to have fun in his presence!



Kent, I thank you for the lovely tomatoes.  The package arrived shortly before dinner.  JR had steak and chicken on the grill and I had baked potatoes in the oven. After unpacking I sliced a couple of the tomatoes, sprinkled the slices with balsamic vinegar and topped them with Bleu cheese, fresh dill, sea salt, and pepper.  Our dinner was delicious!


You are a lovely friend with a kind heart…much love….





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  • Sue Rogers Mercer says:

    Yumm — the tomatoes look geat. I have never seen such a variety! I toured a greenhouse in Monahans a couple of weeks ago on their grand opening – the process is amazing!


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