November 2014


We shared our life with our Basset Hound, Hoopty, for 14 years until 2010.  Hoopty was a delight and lived a long happy life out here in the country.  She was totally spoiled and we all miss her.


You see Basset Hounds are just so entertaining!  At times their long ears drag  the ground and they have huge feet.  Add  to that the most forlorn expressions coupled with big sad eyes.  They can be very playful for short periods of time but they really enjoy their sleep.  The little sweethearts love to cuddle and even when grown they consider themselves to be irresistible lap dogs.  Basically, they are just so cute that you can’t help but adore them at first sight!



This little bundle of preciousness is the newest member of our family!  Meet little Brisket…she is my Christmas present.


I have patiently awaited her arrival since Christmas Day and Jenna surprised me this morning.  Needless to say, Shelby and I have had a fun day with the new puppy!  She is 10 pounds of sweetness and while she spent a lot of time playing she spent another several hours cuddled up in a baby blanket taking a nap with us this afternoon and then right beside me on the sofa while I watched Monday night television.



Our other two dogs, Roscoe and Shadow, are a little inquisitive and while they have tolerated her they are still showing a bit of nonchalance about her presence.  Shadow didn’t seem to be annoyed when Brisket climbed in her bed and at this moment is peacefully asleep right next to her on the floor beside my computer.


Shelby was a little upset that she had to leave Brisket here tonight but tried to understand that she is my dog and will be staying at my house.  She is very gentle with Brisket and has definitely inherited her mom’s love for all animals.  She can’t wait to come tomorrow to play with little Brisket all day.



I was a little concerned about the fact this weekend is Sarah’s 4th birthday party and I will have to leave little Brisket for a few hours.  Jason and Michele have a new home and would probably rather not have a leaky little puppy running through their house and Brisket would probably be overwhelmed at a barrage of kids vying for her attention.



Jenna’s quiet but sincere response was to remind me that…”Mom, I think she will be okay…she’s not a baby…she’s a dog.”



3 Responses to My Little Brisket

  • Sharon Hutson says:

    Shelby and Brisket are both adorable! I love to see little ones who have been taught to be gentle and kind with animals. Our BABY boy, Quigley will be 8 mos. tomorrow and tops the scale at 90+ pounds. We’ve had such fun the past six months learning that bullmastiffs are truly gentle giants. Know you’re gonna have fun with Brisket.



    Leah Reply:

    Thanks Sharon…Quigley is very cute! Our neighbors had a huge Bull Mastiff and he was so funny…he would crawl in my lap every time I went over to visit.


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