Flowers in the Garden

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Although I don’t have lots of time to spend working in the yard…I do love flowers and gardening.

My place is a work in progress and I must pick and choose places for my plants that will be safe from my obsessive-compulsive significant other who loves to weed eat and mow!


He would prefer that our place resemble a golf course with nothing but perfectly mowed grass.



When we first moved out in the country it was a first time experience for him.


He had always lived in town…but I grew up on a ranch and lived in the country for 19 years.


On the ranch we didn’t have lots of time for flower gardening but both of my grandmothers who lived in town had gardens and grew flowers.

During my first marriage I was interested in my yard but with three small kids there were other priorities in my life at the time.


Then I was divorced for 10 years and my job was my life…


along with trying to raise three kids as a single mom.  So time in the yard was limited to say the least!

But then my life changed a little….I had more time and we moved to the country.

When I say my life changed…you could not imagine in your wildest dreams….and neither could my kids…

I always told them we would laugh someday…and we do at almost every family gathering the talk turns to our days when we moved out here.

We bought a small plot of land 20 miles from town and moved out here in a travel trailer (many stories for another time)…!

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For a year we hauled water…about a 100 gallons a day and started cleaning up this wild land.  Although we had many trees…they were covered in briars and poison ivy.

Slowly but surely we cleared everything away and trimmed the trees and we now have a huge vegetable garden, a wild flower garden and I grow lots of flowers in my yard around our home which I am happy to say is not a travel trailer!

Each spring I look forward to all the flowers blooming and although it’s still kind of wild and wouldn’t appeal to everyone…


I love all the flowers and native plants.  It’s always a confrontation with you know who…he just loves to mow the wildflowers and every year he usually weed eats down something I’ve planted in my flower beds.


We live on a fossil ridge…so we have lots of rock.

When we moved out here JR started hauling all the rocks away to one area of our land that needed some landfill.  But I love rocks…I collect rocks…so one week when he left to go back to work in Ft. Lauderdale…


I hauled them all back up to the house and started building flower beds.

I even found an old house that had a rock foundation that was falling down and I hauled more rocks home.



The big rocks were a little challenging by myself…but I just tied a rope to them and dragged them back home with my truck.  I made beds along the fence line at the side of our property…along the outside of the backyard fence….I made a huge rock bed around a group of trees in our side yard and a rock bed in the front of our house.

To say the least…it wasn’t a pretty sight!  A little fat man having a hissy fit…parading around like a little banty rooster gone wild!

He yelled…he screamed…I didn’t pay much attention to him.

He ranted about how he wouldn’t be able to mow…how it would attract snakes…how it was just about the trashiest yard he’d ever seen…he threatened to haul them all off.

But he got over it…slowly…every year I just moved the rocks out a little farther until I got the beds as large as I wanted…and it looks decent.

Now after 15 years …he has gone wild with rocks too.  He built beds in the front of our house with rock and I have to watch him…he steals my rocks from my beds to use other places.  With his OCD he just loves to move the rocks around…you never know what he will have changed when you go outside.


Life is a challenge around our house…


3 thoughts on “Flowers in the Garden”

  1. Beautiful! You have the “green thumb” touch! I still am in awe that you grew all of the flowers for the wedding that time.


  2. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I love rocks, too. Keep up the hard work. Oh, the food looks good, too, but I don’t cook anymore.


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